I am a filmmaker; retired.  I am a Director/Assistant Director member of the Director’s Guild of America.  I have worked in 30 countries and across the United States.  My work has been shown at the Museum of Modern Art, in theaters, theme parks, on television, and in my own home.  My multi year stint on STAR TREK DEEP SPACE 9 even took me to Hollywood’s equivalent of outer space.  This journey has taught me that “art” is about telling stories.

Filmmaking is painting a picture with a series of images, sounds, words and ideas. Painters use brushes, canvases, oil, or watercolor.  Sculptors use stone and metal.  Writers, words.  Musicians, sounds. I paint pictures with the cameras and the electronic tools available to me.  My goal is to tell the story of the moment, not the story of the instant.  Is it photography?  No, it’s a different medium, just as watercolor is to oil.   I think of it more as a new Pictorialism, or a Visual Jazz.