Nick Caladrino(non-registered)
Very nice photos, I especially like the photo with surfer and the green background !
Some beautiful photos here !
I love the one with the surfer
SURFING IMPRESSIONS felt in my memory, I will follow your work :)
The eye for beauty....and the skill to capture the moment...lucky guy !
Ronald Kenney(non-registered)
Hi we meet at Lyon Air Museum.Would like to meet for Breakfast Sept 10 before open cockpit day???
D. Lindemann(non-registered)
Beautiful work. Some of my favorites are your abstract visions of ordinary things. The stoplight shadow is striking, the field of wildflowers, the onion field, the shot of the field worker harvesting is at the top of my list. There are so many wonderful photographs. I have to go back and review them again so that I can be more precise about my impressions. Keep up the fantastic work!
Denise Bostrom(non-registered)
Nice work. Love the CA poppies!
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